Welcome to the web pages of the Citizen Association for renovation of St. Peter and Paul´s Church in Kralovice

The Gryspek citizen association was founded on 14th May 2008 as a citizen association. The main aim of the citizen association is the renovation of the parish church of St. Peter and Paul in Kralovice. It is a dominant feature of our town. The activity of the association is mainly aimed for:

  • renovation of St. Peter and Paul´s Church
  • promotion of the church in Kralovice
  • educational events for the public
  • cultural events
  • staying in contact with the relatives of the Czech Gryspek family in Bavaria

IČ: 227 36 140

Current account of the Gryspek Citizen Association 43-2438560247/0100

Commerce Bank Kralovice

All financial donations sent to the account of the citizen association will be used for the renovation of St. Peter and Paul´s Church in Kralovice

Committee of the Gryspek Citizen Association:

President:                  Marcel Fryček sen.

Vice-president:          MVDr. Tomáš Soukup

Manciple:                   Jaromír Nový


Auditing committee:

President: Zdeněk Chaloupka

Members: František Jedlík

                   RNDr. Jiří Tišer


Roman Catholic parish in Kralovice

Plzeňská 158, 331 41 Kralovice

Tel: 373 396 326

The holy mass takes place every Wednesday from 9AM and every Sunday from 10AM.



The general meeting

The Gryspek Citizen Association is inviting all members and friends of St. Peter and Paul´s Church...
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