Welcome to the web pages of the Citizen Association for renovation of St. Peter and Paul´s Church in Kralovice

The Gryspek citizen association was founded on 14th May 2008 as a citizen association. The main aim of the citizen association is the renovation of the parish church of St. Peter and Paul in Kralovice. It is a dominant feature of our town. The activity of the association is mainly aimed for:

  • renovation of St. Peter and Paul´s Church
  • promotion of the church in Kralovice
  • educational events for the public
  • cultural events
  • staying in contact with the relatives of the Czech Gryspek family in Bavaria

IČ: 227 36 140

Current account of the Gryspek Citizen Association 43-2438560247/0100

Commerce Bank Kralovice

All financial donations sent to the account of the citizen association will be used for the renovation of St. Peter and Paul´s Church in Kralovice

Committee of the Gryspek Citizen Association:

President:                  Marcel Fryček sen.

Vice-president:          MVDr. Tomáš Soukup

Manciple:                   Jaromír Nový


Auditing committee:

President: Zdeněk Chaloupka

Members: František Jedlík

                   RNDr. Jiří Tišer


Roman Catholic parish in Kralovice

Plzeňská 158, 331 41 Kralovice

Tel: 373 396 326

The holy mass takes place every Wednesday from 9AM and every Sunday from 10AM.



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