Touristic season 2016 in the exposition of the Gryspek family

The exposition of the Gryspek family in the chapel of St. Peter and Paul´s Church was open to the touristic public from the beginning of May till the end of October.

We could introduce this interesting touristic object to 708 visitors. 13 members of the Gryspek Citizen Association guided the visitors on 26 Saturdays and 8 working days. From 22nd June, the tour was enriched by a possibility to see the Gryspek mummies - the oldest preserved mummies in the Czech Republic. The tourist information centre of the town of Kralovice looked after the tour organization and arranged the guide service on working days. In this summer season, we arranged 82 individual and group tours of the exposition.

The exposition promotion was supported by the report of Český rozhlas Plzeň broadcast on 22nd June. It was about the moving of the mummies back into the tomb. Furthermore, there was an article in Mladá fronta DNES published on 8th June and a report on ZAK TV broadcast on 13th June. Jiří Frank, the guide, while presenting