The mummies of Kralovice are back in the church

The oldest mummies in the Czech Republic are back in the tomb of the Gryspek family in St. Peter and Paul´s Church in Kralovice after almost four years.

In 2011, building and restoration work took place in the tomb of the Gryspek family in the church in Kralovice. It was financed by 90% from the Programme of the countryside development.  The successful application form for the grant from the European funds was prepared by the Gryspek Citizen Association for the Roman-Catholic parish. The mummies, which were placed in the chapel of the church throughout the whole restoration, were restored and the coffins were repaired before giving them back into the tomb. These actions were financed by Roma and Walter von Griessenbeck, distant relatives of the Gryspek family from Kralovice. A team of restorers made the final report, where they recommended a systematic control of microclimate parameters in the Gryspek tomb. The installed measuring machine showed that the microclimate figures got dramatically worse in the summer of 2012. There was a danger of the mummies´ damage. That´s why we were forced to move them to another room in the Kralovice vicarage. It was obvious that the project which dealt with the building work in the tomb wasn´t made precisely and consequently these problems occurred.

Improving attempts were not very successful and meant other financial costs. In September last year, the BOANERGO s.r.o. Company from Brno installed overpressure ventilation in the tomb. After several changes of the whole system, we managed to dry the walls and the interior of the tomb. Nowadays, the microclimate figures are optimal, which is recommended by specialists.

On 20th and 21st June, a group of members of the Gryspek Citizen Association and students from the Secondary School of Kralovice moved the mummies into the Gryspek tomb. The mummies were examined, photos were taken and the coffins were disinfected.

Visitors of the Gryspek exposition in the Holy Chapel in St. Peter and Paul´s Church in Kralovice can look into the tomb where there are 14 adults and a few body torsos in 11 big and 1 small coffins with glass covers. We managed to finish an interesting touristic point in our town. Visits of the exposition are organised by the Tourist information centre of the town of Kralovice. Regular visits during the touristic season are every Saturday between 8 and 12 o´clock. The guides are members of the Gryspek Citizen Association.