The General Meeting, March 3, 2017

Gryspek Citizen Association report for 2016

We set 9 goals one year ago. How did we manage to fulfil them?

1.      To support the Kralovice parish while restoring the outer facade of the church.

         Half of the brick facade on the south side and 2 windows were restored.

1.      To continue monitoring the microclimate in the crypt.

        The microclimate has constantly been monitored by Ing. Marek and Dr. Soukup. The Boanergo Company reset the
device several times. After putting it into the ventilation corridor, the expected results were not fulfilled. It was found out that water leaked into the ventilation corridor. A repair of sewerage was carried out. However, the leakage was not stopped. On the south side of the chapel, a gutter pavement will be made. (The town is going to deliver the material and the citizen association is going to pay the work.)