Lecture on the Gryspek family and Renaissance fashion

On Tuesday 25th October, another lecture from history took place in the libraryin Kralovice: the Gryspek family and Renaissance fashion. 28 people took part,which is a pity for those who didn´t come. Mrs. Mgr. Veronika Pilná Ph.D.talked very interestingly about the Renaissance fashion in connection with thefuneral outfits of the Gryspek family which rests in the tomb of the church in Kralovice.

On the basis of her own pieces of knowledge, she tried to identify some of the buried members of the Gryspek family. A shoe, which is in the shoe museum in Zlín and has been presented as a shoe of Florián Gryspek, doesn´t come from the tomb in Kralovice. The good condition of the original  Renaissance clothes, in which 8 out of 12 mummies are dressed, is very unique. Four mummies were additionally dressed under the impetus of the duchess Pauline Metternich around 1890.

A big discussion followed. The participants asked detailed questions about Renaissance clothing, fashion and habits in the 16th and 17th century.