Visitors´ traffic of the Gryspek family exposition

133 adults, 8 children and 98 pensioners, which is altogether 239 visitors, visited the chapel of St. Peter and Paul´s church this year. The new touristic point in our town was built thanks to the grant from the Programme of country development and it was opened to the public last year. Guiding of the visitors during the touristic season from 23rd May to 26th September was provided by the Gryspek Citizen Association by its voluntary guides: Lukáš Janko, Jana Fryčková, Tomáš Soukup, Zdeněk Chaloupka, Jiří Frank, Šárka Nová, Jaromír Nový, Pavel Kubica, Martina Pohanková, Jitka Fišerová, Milena Václavíková, Jarka Fryčková, Marcel Fryček. Regular visits were provided every Saturday from 8 to 12AM. Interested people could arrange their individual visits apart the regular times at the Touristic information centre of the town of Kralovice which successfully coordinated the guides and looked after entrance fees. The amount of 3720,-CZK from the entrance fees will be handed over to the Roman-Catholic parish in Kralovice to cover the costs connected with the running of the exposition.