Do you know how much the renovation of the surroundings of St. Peter and Paul´s Church cost?

We have already informed you about the work progress while renovating the surroundings of St. Peter and Paul´s Church which was proceeding from February to June this year.

The town of Kralovice got a grant from ROP for roads, pavements and sewerage – the work was done by Eurovia a.s. Other types of work – public lighting, lighting of the church and reconstruction of supporting walls and staircases – were financed from the town of Kralovice from its own budget. And here is how much it actually cost:

Grant from ROP southwest                                      5 252 269,-CZK

Participation of the town of Kralovice                      1 604 763,-CZK

Lighting                                                                     832 476,-CZK

Supporting walls and staircases                                  603 570,-CZK

TOTAL                                                                 8 293 078,-CZK

From that amount, the town of Kralovice paid        3 040 809,-CZK

The Gryspek Citizen Association thanks for a beautifully renovated surrounding of the church. We know that some renovations have been criticised but we should be glad that the town looks after its surroundings. The whole action is supposed to be finished by the park renovation next year.