Efficiency control of the overpressure ventilation in the Gryspek tomb.

Efficiency control of the overpressureventilation in the Gryspek tomb.

The workers of the Boanergo Company came on Saturday
19th March to evaluate the overpressure ventilation efficiency for
microclimate modification in the Gryspek tomb. We invited Mr. Tomáš Kromforst,
the speleologist, who was willing to judge the situation in the ventilation
corridor and to make photo documentation. He found out that the corridor is
very wet 5 - 8 metres from the joint after the mouth (dripping water from the
vault and a puddle on the floor) probably because of broken drainage which
takes rain water from the gutter of the chapel.

Due to the fact that the archaeologist Daniel Stráník
visited the ventilation corridor on 31st January, 2014 and stated
that the corridor was absolutely dry, it will be necessary to check the
drainage taking gutter water and to remove its possible defect.

Although we managed to improve the microclimate in the
tomb on 21st November, 2015, the situation would be better if the
air coming from the ventilation corridor into the tomb wouldn´t be negatively
affected by the soaking water. That´s why we decided to stop the ventilation
through the corridor and remove the overpressure turbine to the space under the
steps in the tomb and we are going to pump the air from the air hole made in
2014 from the attic over the south staircase extension.

The complications written above might endanger the
moving of the Gryspek mummies to the tomb for the tourist season 2016.