COMMITTEE NEGOTIATION on January 25th, 2016

Report from the Gryspek Citizen Association meeting on January 25th, 2016

Present: Z.Chaloupka, J.Nový, Dr.Soukup and M.Fryček

1. Tasks´ checking of the Committee, November 30th, 2015 - Preparation of the General Meeting - tasks fulfilled

2.  Exposition of the Gryspek family: Voluntary guides from the association members agree with the dates for 2016 – season from 1st May to 31st October, 2016

3. February 9th, 2016 – A lecture on the topic “Baroque around us” will be held by Dr. Bukačová at the local town library.

4.  Night of Churches - 10th June, 2016 - guarantor J.Nový

   - A contract with the Spiritual Quintet band signed,  price 48 000, - CZK

  - An application for a grant to the Pilsen region 38 000, - CZK

  - The program will be complemented by a performance of elementary and art school pupils – will be arranged by J.Nový

  - Photo Competition of religious buildings – will be arranged by J.Nový

   - a visit of the church tower

5. February 16th, 2016  Representatives of the Videomaping Company are going to visit the church and prepare a project for the projection installation and construction according to our requirements.

6. Actions at Christmas

            - Exhibition of creches

            - January 6th, 2017- choir Arnicor J.J.Ryba - Czech Christmas Mass – will be arranged by Dr.Soukup

7. For the translation of websites into English - award a medal of Florian Gryspek as a thank to Mgr. Markéta  Mrzenová - Dr.Soukup

8.  Dr.Soukup has informed about:

     - Opening of the submission of grant applications "The CBC Czech Republic - Free State of Bavaria" –we cannot submit an application so far because we have failed to find a partner in Bavaria

9. Information about the financial account 72 838, - CZK and in cash 2,102, - CZK, paid:

      - Technology share in the tomb 50 000, - CZK

      - For the Internet access and charge for 4Q/2015 and 1Q/2016 - 2 071, - CZK

10. The Committee agrees zjsz Ing. Čejková becomes a member of the Gryspek Citizen Association

 11. Completed programme of the association general meeting, in the debate is going to appear:

    - Dr. Soukup – information about the tomb microclimate

    - J.Nový - information about the Night of Churches 2015 and 2016

    - M.Král – information about restoration of the sgraffito facades and the method of restoring the brick facade – will be arranged by M.Fryček


  Written by M.Fryček