A story of an imprisoned kestrel

It is Thursday 15th April, 2016. Pavel Vrbenský, the pastor of the Roman Catholic parish in Kralovice, is calling us. He´s explaining calmly that a kestrel might have got stuck in the tower of the church in Kralovice.  It might have got to the tower from the loft of the church and it is badly accessible because it is equipped by wire netting. We are discussing the action and the possibility to access the church.

"It might have been staying there for several days because the inhabitants of the neighbouring senior home are saying that another bird has been feeding it through the wire netting. Otherwise, they wouldn´t notice it." That´s what the pastor was explaining while opening a beautiful wooden door of the church. The pastor opened another door and we entered the loft. We used ladders for getting to the tower where the female kestrel was imprisoned. It immediately climbed on the wire netting up to the timberwork. I grabbed the kestrel, put it into a bag and returned to the loft. We attached a ring to the kestrel outside, took a photo and let it fly away. We said goodbye to the pastor, thanked for cooperation and set out on our way home.

And where is the point of the whole story?

It is not visible on the first side but this story of a kestrel couple in the church in Kralovice is actually a combination of several stories.

The female kestrel that was looking for the right place for its nest might have got through a hole under the roof to the big loft of the church and couldn´t find its way out. That´s why it flew towards the light. It got through another hole to the church tower. However, it is equipped by wire netting, so the kestrel was divided from freedom and the free sky above Kralovice by it. I don´t know how it would have finished if its male partner, who stayed outside, wouldn´t have fed it through the wire netting. We also found some fresh skins of field mice inside the tower. Furthermore, the inhabitants of the senior home also confirmed that another bird was feeding the kestrel from outside. It was also visible on the excellent nutritional state of the female kestrel.

Our colleague Petr Švehla from Cheb, a big lover of animals and a conservationist, would definitely say: "Animals have got their souls, sense and sensibility as well and the fidelity of the male kestrel towards the female kestrel should be exemplary because it shows pure love."

Everyone can take his/her own wisdom from the story and we all can be proud of ourselves about rescuing the female kestrel.

Written by:

Karel Makoň (DES OP)